Villa Monica's breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the one that provides the necessary energy and that allows the body and brain to restart at best.
And we are here to pamper you in this special moment, with the desire to start your day in the best way.
Fresh bread, a good steaming coffee, homemade jams, fresh fruit, yogurt and milk possibly local and organic, infusions of our company, homemade cakes by experienced hands, brioches, juices or centrifuges for those who want it, but also eggs and cold meats.
All in the beautiful setting of our garden, the favorite place of our guests, on the white marble patio that enjoys a beautiful view of the mountains and the botanical garden of the adjacent Palace, or on cold days inside, in our rooms with wooden floor, the stones in sight or inside the typical wrapped of a time. The places dedicated to this moment, the care of the service, the quality of the products, the meeting with your needs make everything even better!