Villa Monica

A warm welcome to Villa Monica! 

We pleased to welcome you to our home, an old rustic dated… where once stood the first bakery of the village. The house has been renovated about twenty years ago but often we bring innovation and comfort.

We are located in the historic center between the ancient Palazzo Baisi and the Church of San Bartolomeo.

The structure is typically of the Trentino region,  on several levels with an internal courtyard and a part overlooking the Botanical Garden of Palazzo Baisi.

It consists of several apartments furnished with care using local materials, which can accommodate from 4 to 6 people, all communicating through the old wooden balconies. The wooden frames were painted with “Brentonico green colour”, a color that was obtained from the mines located near Brentonico.

What makes Villa Monica unique to me is its authenticity, because it enhances the local elements and materials.